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Harvest Fest at Tillers International

Today Val and I went to the annual Harvest Fest, a celebration of local food, local farming and sustainable living, held at Tillers International in Scotts, Michigan.  Tillers is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, offering classes in farming with oxen … Continue reading

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Swimming In Heirloom Tomatoes!

I know….it’s my third tomato post, but what in the world is August for if not tomatoes?  When I returned home from market on Friday and unloaded the van, I went into the barn to find every available surface covered … Continue reading

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A Glut of Cherry Tomatoes!

August is the month of abundance at the farmers market.  We were running late and customers were coming early.  We never really got set up completely.  Forget signs and our soap products.  Everyone was wanting tomatoes, beans, onions, carrots and … Continue reading

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Filling Our Larder: Frugal Meets Flavor

There was a time when nothing was wasted.  Everything had a viable use or was shared with others less fortunate.  In this land of abundance, many of us are learning to tighten our belts a little more, as the economy … Continue reading

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Helping Hands

Last week, after a storm that brought us severe winds, we were faced with staking up 800 of our 1800 tomato plants in 90 degree temperatures.  Although we are used to hard work on the farm, we were thrilled when … Continue reading

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Simple Abundance

What a week!  Temperatures in the 90’s, endless weeds to pull and more produce than you can imagine.  We went to market Saturday with carrots, beets, new potatoes, peas, Swiss chard, onions and kale.  The onions, carrots and new potatoes … Continue reading

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The Self-Sustaining Family Farm

Brickyard Farms is a ‘self-sustaining farm’ that uses organic methods.  If that seems like double-speak, it is wording that allows us to find a description that is appropriate in legal-speak.  For a small farm such as ours, the organic certification … Continue reading

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Roasted Chicken Broth

As promised here is the recipe for roasted chicken broth made from that delicious chicken you roasted. If you have never made homemade stock, now is the time to do it!  It is more than worth the time and makes … Continue reading

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Farmers in the Winter

Being a small 5.5 acre vegetable truck farm is focused, hard work from April through November.  But what does  Brickyard Farms do December through March?  Diversify.  We are not only farmers, but artisan soap makers.  We are busy making our … Continue reading

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Cannellini Bean Soup

Ok, winter is officially here.  I looked at the thermometer this morning to see -10 degrees…..Brrrrr!  But the sun is shining and its a great day to stoke the wood stove and make a pot of Cannellini Bean Soup. Here … Continue reading

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