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Treading Water

There are things about farming one can’t control.  For example, the weather.  In May, when we received 14 inches of rain in one week, we stayed stoic.  We did not panic… we waited to see how the garlic and the … Continue reading

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How the Land Inspires

Brickyard Farms is celebrating tens years of working the land.  Val and I along with Val and Cate before me, have fed many people over the years from these five and one half acres.  We can’t remember a time when … Continue reading

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The “Scapes” Are On!

The Fulton Street Farmers Market opens the first Saturday in May.  It always amuses me that once we ask our customers how their winter went, the next question they ask is, “When is garlic?”  Now mind you, garlic is two … Continue reading

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Unseen Treasures

It’s been quite a week.  We have gone from humid 90’s and thunderstorms to my idea of perfection:  70’s and breezy with virtually no humidity.  We were able to plant over 1200 tomatoes, set up irrigation systems, mow 3 acres, … Continue reading

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