Basics with a Twist is the story of one woman’s journey from a conventional urban life to a life she never envisioned; filled with dedication, purpose, passion and of course…..food.  While getting down and dirty, she finds her life’s calling.  Filled with over 80 recipes plus stories from their small truck farm, Basics with a Twist shows the reader what it takes to get food to the table.

Kim Sanwald is co-ower of Brickyard Farms, LLC in Cloverdale, Michigan, with her life-partner Valerie Lane.  She is the author of essays, short stories and poetry, and has been published in Voices of Michigan/Volumes 1 & 2, and Encore Magazine.  She has facilitated writing workshops in such venues as the Weber Retreat & Conference Center and GilChrist, Fetzer’s Retreat Center. She continues to learn from life, their truck farm, and their two dogs, Bleu and Ella.