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An Outrageous Ragout

I was reading on Facebook the other day that there were some dangers involving eating too much kale.  One comment said, “They were so over kale!”  I can see the concern if you’re a green smoothie junkie who drinks a … Continue reading

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Tomato Dreams

I was staring out our kitchen window this morning,  taking in all the beautiful spring green around the farm.  I’ve already mowed the grass twice, and many of the trees are in an advanced stage of leafing out.  After the … Continue reading

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March Madness!

No, it’s not hoops and the tourney, but some of the oddest weather we’ve ever seen.  We just finished up with an extremely mild winter.  We only had three significant snow falls, which were literally gone 3-4 days later.  The … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Pork-N-Beans

It was a hot and humid market day this Saturday.  Sweat was dripping off our faces as we filled our stall and waited on customers.  I had just wished a customer a happy Labor Day weekend, when my neighbor Scott … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!  Do I sound redundant?  We are picking, sorting, eating and breathing tomatoes!  We see tomatoes in our sleep.  It’s been wicked busy here at the farm.  I’ve been going to market on Wednesdays and Fridays by myself, … Continue reading

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Treading Water

There are things about farming one can’t control.  For example, the weather.  In May, when we received 14 inches of rain in one week, we stayed stoic.  We did not panic… we waited to see how the garlic and the … Continue reading

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The “Scapes” Are On!

The Fulton Street Farmers Market opens the first Saturday in May.  It always amuses me that once we ask our customers how their winter went, the next question they ask is, “When is garlic?”  Now mind you, garlic is two … Continue reading

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Stirring Up Delicious

This week we have been pulled to be outside for a few days as the weather was so beautiful it was impossible for us to be downstairs in our soap kitchen.  (it was 70 on Tuesday!) We have been itching … Continue reading

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The Chicken, The Farmer & The Cook

When I was contemplating what to write about this week, it occurred to me that this is not simply a food blog.  It also is a farm blog, a blog on food issues and a life-style blog.  Food is at … Continue reading

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There are times in life when synchronicity is more important than an agenda.  My dear friend Jane who just finished breast cancer therapy called to ask if she could come out to the farm.  What she needed was to put … Continue reading

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