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Infused With Love

Today I turn “60”.  It’s a day that starts like many days, I shower, pour myself a cup of coffee and walk into our screened-in porch.  This first hour has always been my favorite.  My wife Val joins me to listen … Continue reading

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It never ceases to amaze me how life will soften our hearts when we let it.  The son of a dear friend of mine called to share that his mother had been taken to the hospital and had gone through … Continue reading

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Challenges Mean Finding Solutions

It’s been quite a week!  We’ve been busy transplanting hundreds of tomato plants for the up-coming market season.  This involves moving the trays that are transplanted to our hoop-houses for them to ‘beef-up’ and harden-off for selling.  With temperatures above … Continue reading

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What Goes Around Comes Around

It sometimes seems like it’s the little things.  An unexpected smile or phone call, someone shares a story that touches you.  I was in the bank today making a deposit, when one of the tellers shared with me that when … Continue reading

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Filling Our Larder: Frugal Meets Flavor

There was a time when nothing was wasted.  Everything had a viable use or was shared with others less fortunate.  In this land of abundance, many of us are learning to tighten our belts a little more, as the economy … Continue reading

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Simple Abundance

What a week!  Temperatures in the 90’s, endless weeds to pull and more produce than you can imagine.  We went to market Saturday with carrots, beets, new potatoes, peas, Swiss chard, onions and kale.  The onions, carrots and new potatoes … Continue reading

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Treading Water

There are things about farming one can’t control.  For example, the weather.  In May, when we received 14 inches of rain in one week, we stayed stoic.  We did not panic… we waited to see how the garlic and the … Continue reading

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How the Land Inspires

Brickyard Farms is celebrating tens years of working the land.  Val and I along with Val and Cate before me, have fed many people over the years from these five and one half acres.  We can’t remember a time when … Continue reading

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Again and again spring is here and not here.  Forsythia bloom, yet the wind blows bitter off the lake.  I wear a hat and winter coat to water the hoop house and enter the humid 70 degree warmth.  The lettuce, … Continue reading

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Quietly Doing Our Thing

My original intent for this blog was to introduce both our farm and my new memoir/cookbook:  Basics with a Twist: Life & Food at Brickyard Farms. With the book’s arrival being approximately 3 weeks away, I thought it was time … Continue reading

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