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There are times in life when synchronicity is more important than an agenda.  My dear friend Jane who just finished breast cancer therapy called to ask if she could come out to the farm.  What she needed was to put … Continue reading

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Cannellini Bean Soup

Ok, winter is officially here.  I looked at the thermometer this morning to see -10 degrees…..Brrrrr!  But the sun is shining and its a great day to stoke the wood stove and make a pot of Cannellini Bean Soup. Here … Continue reading

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Food & Peak Oil

Tonight Val & I attended a book signing for a local author about peak oil and its implications.  The book Prelude by Kurt Cobb has many intersections with the food industry that should concern all of us.  Being truck farmers … Continue reading

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Greetings and Salutations!

Well here I am venturing into the blogosphere!  Basics with a Twist is the title of my first book, coming out this spring.  A memoir/cookbook that includes over 80 recipes along with vignettes about our farm.  Originally from the city, … Continue reading

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