Live At 5:00

Demo table all set and ready to go

Farmer + Cookbook + Library = Cooking Demo.  Last night I had the honor to be hosted by the Portage District Library for a Meet the Chef food demo co-sponsored by Fair Food Matters.  As a life-long foodie it was great to be able to speak with other enthusiastic foodies about our passion for cooking with locally grown seasonal foods.

My faithful sou-chef Valerie

I have to say I couldn’t have done it without Val.  She has chopped so many onions she was dreaming about them in her sleep.  In the late afternoon, while chopping and sipping a Manhattan, she commented that she would forever associate the two together.  Val was always there, behind the scenes, being supportive and calming.  She collected and washed dirty dishes between sessions, replaced table clothes, stirred and served soup.  I have never felt so loved.  Putting on the demo was a culmination of a very busy year for us.  We prepared 3 soups for over 70 people:  Cannellini Bean, Curried Pumpkin and Harvest Minestrone.

Roasting Garlic for Cannellini Bean Soup

12 heads of pureed roasted garlic, ready to be added

Since this was my first food demo, I was feeling both nervous and excited.  Looking back it all seems like a blur, but I do remember that once I started talking about our farm, and how it has changed my life, I relaxed and simply shared what I have come to love: growing and cooking fresh seasonal food.

Explaining how to roast sugar pumpkins

Sauteing onions for the minestrone demo

Chopping kale for minestrone

After the demo was finished, three soups were served, while I signed cookbooks.  I was warmed by the positive feedback on our offerings and was fortunate enough to sell 26 cookbooks!  Marsha Meyer the Adult Services Librarian asked if I would be interested in returning in April for another demo.  Even though they are a tremendous amount of work, I couldn’t resist.  Val’s just happy it isn’t next week!

Final product of the demo, nourishing minestrone.

Listening to feedback

“To feel safe and warm on a cold wet night, all you really need is soup.” –Laurie Colwin

About twistedbasics

Welcome! Food is my focus, livelihood, art form and my passion. My wife and I run a 5.5 acre organic vegetable farm. Join me fellow foodie as we explore the changing seasons and the food it brings.
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7 Responses to Live At 5:00

  1. Jude says:

    Great pictures of your soup demo. It sounded like a very successful event. Especially, being invited back again. What will you do the next time?
    Also, congratulations on selling so many books. I am sure that all participants had fun eating and learning.

  2. Hope to see you and Val on a TV show !!! Dream BIG !!!! Sending Best wishes.

  3. Lynne says:

    Very nicely done. Glad I could take part in your event. Who knows where this will take you.
    Carry on Dear one.
    Love Lynner

  4. Cindie (Schnyders) Dusseljee says:

    Enjoyed viewing this site girls! Kim, looks like you have definately come a long way with your journey into cooking and farming!!! Soups look and sound wonderful. I will have to try one of your recipes.

    Keep up the good work and encouragement to eat healthy!

    Cindie (Schnyders) Dusseljee

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