The Calm Before the Storm

Sunday…….a day of much-needed rest.  We are getting back to the swing of things here on the farm.  Spring is indeed a beautiful time of year.  We got up early this morning to enjoy coffee on our cedar swing which sits between four of our fields and has a great view of Long Lake.  It was peaceful listening to the birds waking up around us.  We are fortunate to have lake, marsh, meadow and woods on our land.  We spotted Baltimore Oriole, Great-Blue Heron, Canadian Geese, Sandhill Cranes, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers all within walking distance from our house.

May is an intense time on the farm.  There is much to do from preparing the soil, to planting and transplanting various vegetables.  After receiving 10 plus inches of rain in the past two weeks we have been hard at work pulling our nemesis…..WEEDS!  They will choke out the hardiest vegetables if not removed early.  It is a race to see who will prevail.  Our spring field is looking lush with favas, 3 kinds of turnips, 3 kinds of beets, snow peas, snap peas, Swiss Chard, radishes, lettuces and spinach pushing through the soil.  The 7 varieties of carrots and potatoes, along with red and yellow onions are humming along.  The rain while promoting such impressive growth among the spring vegetables has been brutal for our hard-neck garlic.  It looks to be a 50% loss, although what has survived is looking healthy and vital.  Is this an example of our glass being half full?  Val chuckled the other day saying that we have come up with the right combination of vegetables for virtually all types of weather.  If the garlic fails, the onions love it.

After coffee Val went in to bake bread, while Bleu and I took a walk down our lane.  The trilliums and mandrake are just starting to fade, while the wild geraniums are showing off their colors.  Yellow and pink honeysuckle are everywhere with plump buds that will open this week as temperatures are predicted for the upper 70’s.  Moisture is dripping off the trees and plants from last night’s rain.  Bleu is busy with endless scents as he weaves a crooked path down the lane.  The old railway bed drops off dramatically in areas, draining off into marshland, where marsh marigolds and watercress thrive in the standing water.  I stop to watch the willows sway in the lake breezes long the shoreline as Bleu leans against my leg.  Moments like these soon pass like spring itself, as summer encroaches.  The cottage people will return and the lake will get busier.  But for now its the breeze, the willow, Bleu and me.

We return to the farm and stop at the small hoop house to pick Swiss chard for breakfast.  I am a lover of any type of green topped with a poached egg.  A little sliced garlic, a quick saute and a fresh poached egg…can it get any better?  I wonder if Val’s ciabatta is ready?

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Welcome! Food is my focus, livelihood, art form and my passion. My wife and I run a 5.5 acre organic vegetable farm. Join me fellow foodie as we explore the changing seasons and the food it brings.
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5 Responses to The Calm Before the Storm

  1. Sue Rowe says:

    First of all I must tell you that I love to get lost in your blogs…I can picture all that you are writing about and my mind rambles along with your words. Now that I have finished reading your book I feel compelled to share it with my dear friend who lives in Iowa, who wants nothing more than to start living off her land. I believe this book will inspire her.

    Thanks Kim

    • There is nothing more satisfying to a writer than to inspire others. Each experience leaves an imprint, its transformation into something useful is a choice. I am honored that you feel compelled to share. Thanks so much for your kind words Sue.

  2. Jude says:

    Hi Kim,
    I finally got to my email after several days of neglect. I loved your book review by Olga. She seems to have captured its essence.

    Great picture of you and Bleu in this blog. I love reading how the farm is coming alive in the spring. Can’t wait to see you girls in July.

    • We can’t wait to see the two of you either! We are virtually under water right now, but things should be hopping when we see you in July. Also if you go to Amazon and look up the book, Steph did a review as well. xoxo

  3. Lynne K. Serfling says:

    Great words from a kind soul, love the pictures.

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